Use the Veres One testnet to experiment with using Veres One decentralized identifiers for your app.
Download does not grant license, for testing purposes only
The following quickstart guide walks you through developing for different parts of the Veres One Ecosystem:
Creating a DID on Veres One
This quick Developer Guide will walk you through creating a decentralized identifier using command line tools.
  • Node v8.6+
Install did-client
Install the Decentralized Identifier client by running the following command:
> mkdir did-client
> cd did-client
> npm install did-client
Generate a Decentralized Identifier
Generate a Decentralized Identifier on the Veres One Testnet by running the following command:
> ./node_modules/did-client/did generate --register
Once the command above runs, you will have a new Decentralized Identifier. Information related to your Decentralized Identifier will be stored in the following directory:
> ls $HOME/.testdid/