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Send Encrypted Messages with DID Whisper Bin

DID Whisper Bin is a demo application designed to showcase what you can do once you've generated a DID.


  • Node v8.6+
  • Recipient will need a registered DID
  • Sender can install did-whisper client to send the message, or use the demo whisper client
  • To decrypt the message, recipient will need to install did-whisper client

Recipient - Generate a Decentralized Identifier

To receive an encrypted message that only you can decode, you need to have a DID registered on a ledger (the Testnet ledger is fine).

If you have not already done so: Create a DID (Decentralized Identifier)

Sender - Get Recipient's DID

Much like you need to know a recipient's email address to send them an email, you'll need their DID to send them an encrypted message. Ask the recipient to give you their DID (it will look something like did:v1:test:nym:2pfPix2t...).

Sender - Use did-whisper To Send Message

Once you know somebody's DID, you can send them self-expiring encrypted messages, either by:

  1. Follow the instructions to Install a did-whisper client, or
  2. Use the demo whisper client hosted by Veres One.

In either case, you will end up with a URL to an anonymous encrypted message, something like

Send that URL to the recipient via your preferred channel (email, chat, etc).

Recipient - Decrypt Message

If you receive a Whisper URL, to decrypt it, you will need to:

  1. Install a did-whisper client (on the same machine that your DID was generated on).
  2. Run did-whisper decrypt <saved message url>

For advanced usage, see the decrypting instructions.