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Veres One Sectors and Applications

Veres One is well-suited for industries with strong requirements surrounding identifiers and identities.


Governments may issue digital identifications such as driver’s licenses, passports, metro passes, food stamp vouchers, or voting IDs. Credentials are issued directly to citizens, enabling them to decide with whom the credentials are shared.


Veres One provides a common platform on which disparate entities within the healthcare system interact with high assurance. Physician licenses, digital prescriptions, and medical records are some examples of identity data that can be verified.

Financial Services

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions benefit from stronger identity verification and cost-effective know-your-customer checks. This reduces fraud and eases regulatory compliance.


Over one billion people worldwide are unable to prove their identity. This restricts their access to financial services, education, and healthcare. By providing underserved individuals with a Veres One identifier, developing countries and service organizations can coordinate outreach and aid.


Every trade entity in a complex economy can be more strongly authenticated, reducing fraud, friction, and transit time across supply chains.


Decentralized social networks, peer-to-peer messaging apps, and sharing economy apps benefit from Veres One features such as user centricity and data portability.