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Veres One Board of Governors

The Veres One Board of Governors is composed of a group of people from varying backgrounds that ensures stability in the socio-political and economic operation of the Veres One Network. The group is expected to be technically and politically astute with respect to running the Veres One Network. The Board of Governors must be composed of at least 50% women and should strive to be ethnically and nationally diverse where interests from citizens spread across the globe, both physically and economically, are well represented.


All communication with and among the Board of Directors must be public. The only exception to this rule is the communication of private or sensitive information regarding individuals or security vulnerabilities.

There are two public venues where discussion may happen with the Board of Directors. The first is the Veres One Project public mailing list. The second are the regularly held, transcribed, and recorded teleconferences, which are announced on the public mailing list.

Decisions Making Process

The Board of Governors will not typically set policy, such as setting pricing and making technical decisions, for the Veres One Project. Policy will be deliberated by the Veres One Community Group. Once consensus is reached the Community Group will present a proposal to the Board of Governors for review. If the Board of Governors determines that the proposal does not conflict with the Mission of the Veres One Project the Board of Governors will approve the proposal. If they determine that the proposal does conflict with the Mission they will reject the proposal and provide an explanation for the rejection to the Community Group.

All non-time sensitive decisions made by the Board of Governors must be made by consensus which is defined as general agreement with no principled objections.

Time sensitive decisions may be made by a 2/3rds majority vote, but only after exhausting a consensus-based approach.

All decisions must be publicly announced and recorded.

Term Limits

There is a two year term limit for a member of the Board of Governors. When a member ends their term, a new member must be chosen by the Board of Governors that maintains the diversity of the group. It is suggested that a replacement for a Board of Governors position is found and announced six months prior to the end of a term.